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About: Headliner
  • Will I pay more for vacation if I book through you than an online booking site?
    No. I have access to all the same pricing for resorts as the online booking sites do and I can price-match online booking engine pricing when comparing apples to apples. In many cases, I can find discounts and other promotional offerings that are not offered to the general public.
  • What important information should I have thought through before contacting you out?
    Ideally you should set a budget and share it with me, so that I can give you a realistic, fun, and memorable itinerary for a price you are comfortable with.
  • Why should I book with you instead of an online booking site, or direct with a resort?"
    With me, you get exceptional personal assistance before, during, and after your vacation. Budget is important and I strive to get your dream vacation within the budget you've set for it. There's no pressure to go above and beyond what you're comfortable with. You can't enjoy your vacation when you're stressed out about paying for it. I provide honest advice about all resorts and destinations to help you choose the perfect resort for you. You also benefit from our extensive personal connections which carry a certain gravitas when needing anything addressed. I have an easier time getting you perks (like getting your room upgraded)—it's easier for me to get a "yes" because I work with them often. Just Embrace Travel is a subsidiary of Inteletravel
  • How Do I Cancel a Trip?
    Call right away. If it’s after normal business hours, please contact the next involved travel supplier (airline, hotel, tour operator, cruise line) to cancel any reservations you will not be able to use. If you purchased travel insurance, please contact the insurance company’s 24-hour line to start the cancellation process and ensure your maximum refund.


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